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Almonds sold in the United States are required to be pasteurized either through the use of steam reaching 158F or the use of propylene oxide (PPO). Despite the use of heat, these almonds are still labeled allowed to be labeled 'raw.' This process is not mandated in Canada, but many almonds are imported from California. If you are interested in truly raw almonds look for the listing below labeled unpasteurized.
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ProductSizePrice Per 100gStorePrice
2.27kg$3.48/100gUpayaNaturals.comShipping Policy
24.97kg$2.88/100gUpayaNaturals.comShipping Policy
4.99kg$3.00/100gUpayaNaturals.comShipping Policy
454g$5.94/100gUpayaNaturals.comShipping Policy
454g$3.74/100gUpayaNaturals.comShipping Policy
Prana Organic Raw Tamari Almonds (Samadhi)
Ingredients: organic almonds, organic tamari (water, organic soybeans, sea salt, organic alcohol)
150g$3.85/100gWell.caShipping Policy
Bob's Red Mill Raw Almonds
Ingredients: almonds
283g$4.41/100gWell.caShipping Policy
Living Intentions Raw Sprouted Lemon Pepper Cajun Almonds
Ingredients: sprouted almonds, organic cajun spice blend (garlic, onion and chili), Himalayan crystal salt, lemon oil
85g$10.58/100gWell.caShipping Policy
Inari Organic Raw Almonds
Ingredients: organic almonds
500g$3.75/100gWell.caShipping Policy
Wonderful Roasted Almonds
Ingredients: roasted almonds
178g$2.80/100gamazon.caShipping Policy
Yupik Raw Almonds
Ingredients: almonds
1.00kg$2.21/100gYupik.caShipping Policy
Prana Organic Raw Maple Almonds (Amandine)
Ingredients: organic almonds, organic maple syrup, algarve unrefined sea salt
150g$3.85/100gWell.caShipping Policy
Inari Organic Raw Almonds
Ingredients: organic almonds
200g$4.46/100gWell.caShipping Policy
Yupik Raw Almonds (50 lbs)
Ingredients: almonds
22.70kg$1.88/100gYupik.caShipping Policy
Yupik Raw Almonds
Ingredients: almonds
454g$2.38/100gYupik.caShipping Policy
NOW Raw Almonds
Ingredients: almonds
454g$4.40/100gWell.caShipping Policy
Great Value Raw Slivered Almonds
Ingredients: slivered almonds
100g$2.97/100gWalmart.caShipping Policy
Great Value Raw Almonds
Ingredients: almonds
100g$2.97/100gWalmart.caShipping Policy
216g$2.76/100gWalmart.caShipping Policy
Great Value Raw Sliced Almonds
Ingredients: sliced alonds
300g$2.87/100gWalmart.caShipping Policy
Wonderful Roasted Salted Almonds
Ingredients: roasted almonds, salt
178g$2.79/100gamazon.caShipping Policy
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