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There are two common types of walnuts: the Persian or English walnut and the black walnut. Black walnuts offer a richer flavour, but due to their hard shell and poor hulling characteristics they are less common and more expensive. To prolong the life of walnuts they should be stored between -3C and 0C.
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ProductSizePrice Per 100gStorePrice
Living Intentions Organic Mesquite Pod Maple Walnuts
Ingredients: sprouted organic walnuts, organic maple, organic mesquite pod powder, organic cinnamon, Himalayan crystal salt, organic spices
85g$10.54/100gWell.caShipping Policy
Inari Organic Walnuts
Ingredients: organic walnuts
125g$5.77/100gWell.caShipping Policy
Upaya Naturals Organic Black Walnuts
Ingredients: black walnuts
454g$6.47/100gUpayaNaturals.comShipping Policy
Upaya Naturals Organic Walnuts
Ingredients: organic walnuts
454g$5.50/100gUpayaNaturals.comShipping Policy
Upaya Naturals Organic Walnuts
Ingredients: organic walnuts
2.27kg$5.24/100gUpayaNaturals.comShipping Policy
Upaya Naturals Organic Walnuts (10 lbs)
Ingredients: organic walnuts
4.54kg$5.00/100gUpayaNaturals.comShipping Policy
Great Value Walnuts
Ingredients: walnuts
300g$2.57/100gWalmart.caShipping Policy
Planters Walnuts
Ingredients: walnuts
400g$2.50/100gWalmart.caShipping Policy
Great Value Walnut Pieces
Ingredients: walnuts
100g$2.77/100gWalmart.caShipping Policy
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